Topic: Completely Brand New, Introducing Myself to those whom might come across this forum.

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Just Signed up around Thursday and here to introduce myself to you guys.

I am a Gamer and a User Addressed by ReplicaZero and I am a huge Nintendo fan along with other types of games out there. I would be honored to meet some of you guys who are fond of games just as much as I am and would be honored to exchange FCs for the Nintendo switch and also on the 3ds. I am still pretty new to this website and just learning about the little stuff here and there and will try to learn about new stuff along the way through anyone who is willing to help out of their free time

I am also very flexible with games and play all kinds and even try out new ones to maybe add to my channel and Even do live streaming. I recently just bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and will be looking out for the other upcoming games to come in the feature to maybe have some friends here to play with on mario kart and others maybe?

Hope to meet some new friends!



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