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It's no secret that Cartoon Network has been making games for years, although the quality of these games varies. They have even had some success at the mobile gaming market. And thanks to the success of Steven Universe: Attack the Light, we will be getting a Steven Universe RPG heading towards consoles. Whether or not you like Steven Universe, this is great news to hear for multiple reasons. The main one being that Cartoon Network is now showing interest in making games based off its shows, that aren't Adventure Time.

So what shows would make the best home console games? Well, we have Teen Titans Go, um Power Puff Girls 2016, um Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,, this is what Regular Show got replaced for? Ok while Cartoon Network doesn't have as many great shows today, 1 show that manages to hold CN up in quality is the Amazing World of Gumball. A very clever comedy that's just as much for kids as it is for adults.

So to get to the point, one of Gumballs latest episodes revolved around the show's characters being trapped inside of a JRPG, where it made references to general JRPG's, Anime, and the gaming community itself. It was funny, nostalgic, and most of all, it showed that the Amazing World of Gumball could be made into an amazing RPG game. With the shows comedy, wide variety of characters, and vast world of weirdness to explore, what could possibly make a more amazing RPG. We already saw how well this can be done with games like South Park: Stick of Truth. Which is already getting a sequel. So one based off the world of Gumball would be pure genius. So who would like to see this happen, and what would you like to see in it?

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Ever hear about that online RPG with nothing but cartoon network characters from past and present? Its name escapes me for the moment, but that looked SO interesting! I'd totally play it if it came to consoles! That being said, its already available on PC and I'm sure people have already played the hell out of it. But a guy can dream, yes? x3

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@ThatNyteDaez Ya I remember it, It was a big deal back in the day but sadly CN shut down the servers years ago. I think it was called Cartoon Network Fusion Falls.



I would buy any Amazing World of Gumball game regardless of what genre. That show is amazing (No pun intended) and could easily be made into an amazing game.

Of course, it could also easily be made into a terrible game, like what happened to Gravity Falls, so... Let's hope that doesn't happen to Gumball!

Also, here's a short clip of what @patbacknitro was talking about:

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@mystman12 Gravity Falls was already a kindof hard series to make into a good game.Although with how the new Steven Universe RPG is looking, I think if they made one for Gumball it would ba amazing.



I would love this! Amazing world of gumball is one of my favorite CN shows ūüėć

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Cartoons on Cartoon Network today just Horrible , compared by last 10 years ago.

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Did Adventure Time ever get an RPG? That was the last CN show that I really liked, well that and Regular Show.

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I haven't watched daytime Cartoon Network in years, lol.

Dexter's Laboratory was their big show for me as a kid, though I also got into Codename Kids Next Door and the original Teen Titans.

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A Gumball RPG does sound interesting though I imagine it would be either really good or really bad depending on who worked on it. So who would be the ideal studio to make it?


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@chalupa I don't know if it was an RPG but they did get two games

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