Topic: How come the thumbnail says an article has more replies than it actually has?

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I have seen it a few times I think, most recently the Gal gun article. On the thumbnail, it says it has 47 posts. Over the posts, says there should be 47 posts. Scrolling down, the highest post number is 45. First I thought this might be one or two users having me blocked, but even if I log out and delete cookies it stills says 47 while I only see 45 at the bottom.


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Oh wow, I didn't even notice that at first. I'm guessing it's because the mods might've removed a few disrespectful comments or something along those lines?

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Wouldn't it be the case that you've blocked a user or two, hence the disparity?

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No, because I usually can see my ignored users comments when I'm not logged in.
I did try to unignore those I had on ignore but still no more comments.


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In that case, that is quite strange.

Though I haven't paid enough attention to determine whether this is a universal problem or merely an isolated incident.

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Maybe a person or two has you blocked?

Edit: hm no I see the count disparity as well. Perhaps it’s related to the comments that have been removed by the mods, and then deleted by the users? Assuming that’s something the user can do. I could swear there were more “removed” comments there, and now I only see one.

So maybe removing and deleting confuses the count? We could test it out.

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@Tobiaku this is usually caused by caching delays. The count on the front is cached for a period of time therefore the actual count on the article may be different for a period of time until the count is updated. Counting the exact number of comments on an article every time we list it would be expensive and therefore it's cached. Hope that helps!

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