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Does anyone know if and why Zero Time Dilemma has been delisted from the European eshop?

I still have the game on my wishlist, but can’t seem to buy it anymore. I am checking the 3DS eshop regularly for sales. (There are a few Atlus games on sale now btw! 5 bucks for Etrian Odyssey and a few Shin Megami Tensei games. A steal in my opinion!)



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Yeah... it looks like it got delisted / removed for us EU and NA people, the Japanese Version does seem to still be listed however.

The Link to the Game leads to a "Not Found" page too.

Did you check the Shop on your System itself yet?

The only thing you could do if you REALLY wanted it is either:

1. Get the US Version (if you are able to do that, but be aware that you will need an American 3DS to play it) it does have a Physical Version.

2. There are PS Vita (if you have that one lying around somewhere) and PS4 Versions (as i just found out myself rn) available so these could be your last chances if it doesn't return soon...

Thanks for the Heads up on the Atlus games btw! I was hoping it'd be SMT IV but that's not on sale unfortunately, but i'm definitely getting Soul Hackers and Record Breaker!

Persona Q (the First one) is also on sale for around 5~

A few Hours later, but i double checked all the 3DS Games to see which are on Sale and i found some that are very worth mentioning (atleast 2 of them i guess) so i thought id mention them here too so people can see them.


Culdcept Revolt (worth checking out for 5€ for sure)

Stella Glow is also 5€ which is an amazing price since phys copies go for quite a bit nowadays!

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@WoomyNNYes @Lightgazer

Yeah, some nice discounts indeed on the 3DS currently. Don’t know if Nintendolife reported on it?

But yeah, is 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors also delisted? Maybe they’re making a collection perhaps? Nintendo delisted Pikmin 3 when that one got announced….?

So weird to have this one game or these two games delisted all of a sudden. I don’t like the digital only age…

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@Friendly The original version of 999 only released on NDS, as far as I am aware, so it would never have received a digital eshop release to begin with.

Anyway, a collection of these games (the first two, anyway) came out years ago on other platforms. The big reason to get it was because it included a voiced remake of 999.

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I discovered this today too, that's so stupid...
Virtue's last reward is still downloadable, it'snot an issue with the game series then.

I never saw this one discounted, so I never bought it earlier. Full price for a digital copy isn't acceptable in my opinion. And now it is lost somewhere...

I'm going to ask Nintendo by mail, maybe it's only temporary. But do they even care of 3ds eshop now ?



@NKR ah yes, I’m very curious as well . Were you able to reach out to them?




Indeed I could and got a reply from Nintendo (France)
They do not manage the games on eshop. They told the editors rule the listing by themselves and can remove one if needed. Therefore, they suggested me to contact the editor.

Aksys Europe "just run the European online shop on behalf of AKSYS" and could not provide a reason.
I sent a mail to Aksys USA on the 11th of August. I still did not receive any reply, unfortunately.

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@NKR That's a shame but thanks for letting us know. Maybe we'll never get an answer on this one.



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