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Hi - I'm from the UK, I'd really like to get hold of the new 'Photos with Mario' app, but it isn't released in my country. In a few days time I'm going to America for a week - does anybody know if I will be able to download the app (on my UK 3DS and account) while I'm out there? Also, if I buy the $10 Eshop cards to get the AR cards, would I be able to use that credit to purchase things in the UK when I get back? Thanks in advance for any advice.



nope, when you go to other country your Eshop account stays where you registered it so you can't access games unreleased in the region you registered.
and about the prepaid cards I heard that you can't use ones from another region(main reason I don't use the Eshop anymore there aren't Brazilian Eshop prepaid cards and most Brazilian credit cards can't be used on BR Eshop anymore....)

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Aw : ( Well, thanks for letting me know! Saved me $30



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