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OK, may as well get this out of the way first, I'm an old gamer who plays for relaxation and I prefer those "lame" HO games (cue the eye rolls LOL)

We own a Wii and play all of the Rock Band & Guitar Hero games regularly. This Christmas I bought my first hand held, treated myself to a 3ds xl and also picked up a dsi xl on ebay.
I truly enjoy the hidden object games particularly those with a story line. I picked up alot of them used from area Game Stop stores and kept the ones I really liked.

I then discovered the eshop, picked up a few prepaid cards and searched for some HO puzzle type games. Yikes, the reviews are pretty bad but several are on sale right now in the eshop. At those prices I don't mind if they aren't the finest games

Currently there are three Mystery Case File games on sale: "Ravenhearst", "Return to Ravenhearst" and "Dire Grove".
I bought Ravenhearst but was surprised to discover there is no option to play casually without the timer. IMO that kills the game for me.
Trying to find the hidden objects was tough due to the graphics and small screen but since I'm an avid HO gamer that is no big deal. I prefer the objects be difficult to locate because like I said, I find it relaxing.

But the worst aspect of the game is trying to assemble the sepia toned jigsaw puzzle pieces that also have to be turned in the right direction with the stylus before they can be placed onto the puzzle. Maybe on a PC screen it's not too tough but on my 3ds XL all the pieces look alike.
It is so difficult to see (for me anyways) that I even removed my contact lenses and put my face really close to the screen to get a better look.
And you know what? I would eventually be able to assemble that puzzle AND enjoy doing it if that no good timer wasn't ticking away. When time runs out ALL progress is lost and you have to start that level all over again. There is no option to play without it.

Fortunately I bought it on sale in the eshop so I'm only out $4.00 but if I knew that there was no way to play without the timed aspect I wouldn't have bothered. I was surprised because I have games like "Samantha Swift & the Hidden Roses of Athena" and "Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets" and they have no time clock.
I also bought "Real Crimes:Jack the Ripper" from the eshop and am really enjoying the casual game play.

I'm hoping someone here who has played MCF "Dire Grove" or "Return to Ravenhearst" can tell me if either of those games employ the use of a timer. I already know they aren't the best rated games out there but for my taste they sound like they would be just fine and they are at a decent price right now. So long as I can enjoy them at MY OWN pace I'm happy enough

I appreciate any info and thank you in advance!!

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I can answer my own question and pass along a bit of info in case anyone else would like to know.
Return To Ravenhearst and Dire Grove have no timer, you can play at your own pace. I am enjoying both games right now.

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@cali_angel It's back on sale now in the EUR eshop and was thinking of getting it on its 70% discount but the review put me off... (o_0)

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I played them all and as far as I recall there were no timers. I will recommend that you use with those games.



I recommend you grab them all when they go on sale as they go on sale quote frequent and are usually about a buck.

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