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I think I heard that the data, (specifically for my copies of ORAS and XY) had the data not in the game cartrigde, but in the SD card. I was wondering, if I played a physical cartridge of ORAS, lost it, could I download a copy of OR/AS from the eshop and still have the data that I lost? For the same logic, would another cartridge of OR/AS still use the data (if data is stored in the SD card) from the SD card?




No. The Pokémon games only store extra data to an SD card (such as photos). I am not entirely clear what this "extra data" is exactly (I couldn't find any information online), but the save data is stored on the game card itself, so no, you cannot download a copy of the game or buy a new cartridge and continue from where you left off. Very few 3DS games store save data directly to the SD card.

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