Topic: How many titles have you downloaded from the 3DS eShop?

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Enough to suffer the "I don't have anything to play " gamer syndrome.


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4 streetpass games
8 retail downloads
4 virtual console
15 dsiware
29 eshop download exclusives
54 demos

I thought i was big spender at the eshop.. But not compared to some other people



8 eshop exclusives
2 virtual console
0 retail downloads (the pricing is terrible!)

A lot more virtual console games when they get the GBA and SNES games sorted out. It's a bit of a joke how lacking the 3ds virtual console is.

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eShop exclusive downloads: 23
Virtual console downloads: 41
Retail downloads: 0
DSiWare downloads: 9

I have an 8GB SD card in my 3DS and am nowhere near having that sucker filled. I think that's mainly because I never download retail games onto it. I prefer having physical copies of my games when at all possible.

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I do not buy physical games for new consoles. 10 of 10 on Wii U are downloads (includes retail and eShop exclusives). 63 of 74 on 3DS are downloads (includes retail and eShop exclusives). That doesn't even count VC and DSiWare. I just upgraded to a 128 MB SD card on the 3DS, so I'll be happily downloading for a long time.

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7 Retail games
24 Download exclusive
3 VC games (not including the ambassador program games)
34 Demos
28 Other (non games, promo videos, and game tools like YouTube and MHU data transfer program)

In all fairness, if retail download was out at least a year sooner, that retail number would increase by 9.

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More than I should've.


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Retail Downloads: 3
3DS Eshop Exclusive: 35
Virtual Console: 31
Dsiware: 11
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@bboy2970 How did you get that much Dsiware? Because that many won't fit on the System Memory. Can Dsiware go on an SD card?


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