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Has anyone else noticed if there's been an increase in prices for games on the eShop (Canadian)? I just went on just now and they seem higher than the listed prices on this website. It seems to be exchange related...2.99 to 3.29 and 39.99 to 44.

I don't remember if this has happened before so any verifications would be nice.

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Yeah, I've noticed the higher prices ever since Mighty Switch Force 2 released. It irritates me to be honest because I'm still paying additional tax on those games. If the $44 game you're referring to is the new Layton game I've also seen it listed at that price for the physical version as well so I really hope game prices are not going to start going up across the board



Ya I've noticed this change too. Not awesome.



I haven't checked the eshop in awhile, but I don't think I've ever seen a retail 3DS game for more than 39.99. If that's no longer the case, I'll be a little concerned.


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blame the Brazilian players flooding the Canadian Eshop instead of asking for a solution to the Brazilian Eshop's problems
and I'm the dumb one who didn't do this smart trick....

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Wait so they can change prices to accommodate to new exchange rates?

Please don't happen in Mexico Please don't happen in Mexico Please don't happen in Mexico.


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Yeah, it's caused me to buy less games.

Now I just wait for sales. There's plenty of other stuff out there not looking to gouge me.

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