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Latest game out by CIRCLE, Ambition of the Slimes is a small Tactical RPG where you control combat weak slimes and win missions by strategically approaching and possessing (by entering the mouth of) humans, and then using those humans to defeat others. What's everyone's thoughts on it?

I've played through the first four regions and I'm really enjoying the level of strategy in it. Tonnes of ways to approach each mission using slimes you unlock and level up along the way, you can take many approaches from tanking your way through with high defense Metal slimes, utilizing a deep-strike approach with an all-teleporting force of Warp slimes, posessing a powerful enemy unit and breaking the lines from the inside out, converting an enemy unit into a naked force of destruction with the Melt + Perv slime combo (Melt slimes remove armor and weapons and makes the unit useless and easy to possess, Perv slimes give an attack and defense bonus when possessing the appropriate gender, and a massive additional bonus if that unit is naked), body hopping with Phoenix slimes (which emerge out of the human's body once the possessed human is slain), or just bringing in powerful units from other missions using Hermes. (Hermes does not shed the body after a mission)

What I think seals the deal on the enjoyability of the game is the scissors, paper, rock element system which makes some possession decisions quite tough and tactical, and very little RNG as far as I can tell - there's a fraction of damage variance on attacks, and unboosted possession chance of powerful units is 1% (5% using Carrot slime) and 20% (100% using Carrot slime) which is so low and slimes are very valuable so it's completely unviable to attempt a possession on a non-garunteed target. This is the TRPG I've been looking for ever since I played Vantage Master.

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Nice little review. I've had my eyes on this, but have been a bit hesitant because its published by circle; a company that usually has a negative track record for games. None the less, I'll be sure to listen to this.



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@Ultimategamer132 Haha, yeah, while looking for reviews on the game I found this funny:

Circle Entertainment has got to stop doing this. After delivering a fun roguelike to the 3DS in Adventure Bar Labyrinth, the publisher has backed up and released a fun and creative tactics game in Ambition of the Slimes. Is the publisher keeps backing projects that are actually decent I’m going to have to go elsewhere to find my annual quota of 1-star reviews.

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