Topic: does anybody know what these parts are called i know what they do but there is no mention of them... ANYWHERE

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ok so i have a dsi and above the battery are three screws the two smaller ones control the screens. turning them can distort the colors. they broke. the screw heads i mean they just broke off completely. i have scoured the internets looking for any mention of them and nothing i want to know what they are called so i can try and repair them. but so far, nothing. so since they broke the screens very slowly change color from crisp to a kind of negative effect and can be really annoying. especially with the interlacing effect that goes along with it, now i have a little screwdriver and i can still adjust the screws (barely) and get them to look perfect but after about ten minutes its starts to change again, the bottom screen doesnt really change much at all so i rarely have to mess with it but the top screen is relentless and constantly changing. can anyone tell me what the screws name are or how to fix them without just sautering them or glueing them?



From what I could tell they are just tiny Phillip's head screws. No idea what the measurement is on it. Your most likely way of finding replacements is finding someone selling a junk unit for parts (on eBay for example).

I can't imagine the screws falling apart - that is crazy.



Ya, best bet it buy a broken unit on eBay for $10 and use the parts.

Or, just upgrade to a new system. Usually when stuff breaks it tells me it's time to upgrade.

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Jesus is Lord.


well the screwheads just broke as soon as i touched a screwdriver to them a while back, and upgrading is so expensive! i just dont have the cash for it. and i would post some pictures to show what happened but it wouldnt let me. i have tried to remove the broken screws but i think nintendo intended for them to stay in.

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