Topic: Been trying to find this game for 8 years!! Please help me!

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I had this game when I was a kid I was probably about 7 or 8 years old it was a while after the pink colored Nintendo ds came out and I this game a few months after. I remember the game vaguely please bare with me I really want to play it again I’ve been hopeful for soo long some body might know it. I’m not sure how many people will see this either but if you do I greatly appreciate all the help.

The game was very colorful with maybe a yellow and blue color palette. It would remind some people of Kirby but different, it was a adventure game I believe. It was about this chicken (at least I believe it was about a chicken) and his family I don’t remember the complete plot but his family was kidnapped and it was this whale I don’t remember if he got on it or his family did, but as the game starts I believe you were able to fly as well as other abilities, and the mission was to go through each level and find members as you go it was a mash up with like Kirby and Mario together but with chickens and other animals and I believe it was one guys, and you had to find his family members instead of a princess, you could swim I believe but the protagonist was this little cute golden yellow orange chick.



@BXKWOODS I went searching based on your description and found a very similar description of a game from someone in the same predicament, not being able to remember the name. They did get an answer which they confirmed. It sounds like your game is New Zealand Story Revolution.



I have the game as well, and while your description may be a little off in parts, it sounds like New Zealand Story Revolution, and I have the game in my possession as well.

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Is this the game ?

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that’s it that’s it, I’m literally crying right now that’s it like thank you sooo much I don’t even know what to say right now I’m sooo excited and just sooo happy, I know my description was kinda terrible I’m 19 now so I can’t really remember anything about it beautiful was my favorite game as a kid till my cousin stole it and I moved so I could never get it back. Thank you thank you thank you soooo much guys much love always I’m bout to go buy it right now @sdelfin @Silly_G @Anti-Matter



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