Topic: What were the best Gameboy color games?

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Besides the Zelda oracle games and colorized original GB games.
I barely bought any GB color carts. It only lasted 3 years then GBA came out. What did I miss? Any really good ones?

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pokemon (gsc and puzzle challenge), zelda dx, mario dx, that's about all i played.

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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. So much content for a GBC game.

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I had a GameBoy Color with no Gameboy Color games D:
Just Color-less gameboy games....

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The only game I had for Gameboy Color was Pokemon Red. Other than that I dont know of too many Gameboy Color games.

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Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX
Super Maio Bros Deluxe
Donkey Kong '94
Pokemon Crystal


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ALERT (looney toons) was awesome (kinda hard), but you needed a second cartridge to continue the game, it was very dissapointing, when you grew up and finally were able to beat the couple hard parts, the game wasn't available... _


Apparently it was a direct and spirtitual sequel, but I still would've loved to play it

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Dragon Warrior 1+2 and 3, probably some of the best RPG game play you could get on the handheld (apart from Pokemon of course).

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I did recently get to try the original Shantae so that's another one. Man I hope they put that on 3DS VC someday!
It's hard to believe how polished and fancy it is. I bet even the Nes couldn't have pulled off a game that detailed.

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Now now, people, don't forget the Game and Watch Gallery games!



I thought Megaman Xtreme 2 was pretty good. Pokemon Pinball was kind of fun. There were a couple of Pokemon games on it (that were pretty good) but unless you want to play them in their original form, you'd probably be best playing the remakes.

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Metal Gear Solid
Dragon Quest I and II
Wario Land 3
Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Pokemon Crystal
Bionic Commando: Elite Forces
Dragon Quest III
Zelda Link's Awakening DX
Donkey Kong Country
Mario Golf
Blaster Master: Enemy Below
Survival Kids
Megami Tensei: Last Bible

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I'm sure if they're the best... But they are in my personal list...

-TLoZ: OoS/OoA
-Wario Land 3
-Harvest Moon GB (1, 2 and 3)
-Wario Land 3
-Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal
-Wario Land 3
-Pokemon TCG

Those are the ones i can remember i really enjoyed and would love to play again.
I bet there are more but i can't remember the names right now.

Did i mention Wario Land 3?

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Pokemon Crystal.

Only GBC game i had rest of the main series were original GB titles...



Survival Kids was ace — precursor to the Lost in Blue games, but with more item creation and monkeys. Really good and very addictive!


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