Topic: What Ambassador Games Are You Most Exited For?

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Yoshi's Island, SMB, Zelda, and MvDK.

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Of the games announced, I am definitely most excited for Warioware. It will be amazing to have that game always ready to boot up from the menu!

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All of them really except for the original Metroid. I liked it back when the game first came out but can't stand it now. Then again the Metroid franchise has really been so hit and miss for me (although I do like Fusion so yay on one of the few I like). I also am really happy for Balloon Fight. That game does not get enough credit.



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Definitely Metroid Fusion.

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But at the same time...I just feel icky playing these downloadable GBA Classics on the 3DS......I'd rather get the actual cartridges and play them on the DS Lite. Because then i won't have to worry about a larger fuzzy screen or a tinier sharper screen on the 3DS due to resolution scaling. I mean I can deal with that regarding Gameboy 3DS VC titles, but GBA.....I don't think I could manage.

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I hope they release Zelda - The Minish Cap as one of the GBA games (as part of the other 5 they haven't announced yet.) This game is fantastic but is only available to play on an original GBA system.

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It's too bad GBA games CIB cost around $60 and up to get off eBay...
At least that's the case for Wario Land 4, Minish Cap and Zero Mission.....Yet if I just picked up the cartridges i know I'd totaly regret not getting them CIB, argh!



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