Topic: So what Snes titles do you want for new 3DS?

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The 2 Fire Emblem games releasing in Japan- localized for the west. Heck make it all 3- Mystery of the Emblem, Holy War and Thracia 776, all brought over to the west in English.

Aside from that, I would say DKC trilogy but we're already getting those, and Super Metroid but already getting that too. So uh, ya Idk. Those are my top picks.

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Any of those JP only Mystical Ninja, Clock Tower or Fire Emblem games they're not giving us. But in no way am I holding my breath for anything unique for a while.



Hm... I don't really have many snes games I actually want, the ones I care about I already own in some way (wii/u vc, gba, actual snes cartridge). Maybe... I could finally try Earthbound I guess. But that one is already confirmed to be coming.

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The only thing that could make download any SNES games on the n3DS are exclusives (though I don't see that happening much, if at all) — if it's available on the Wii U, I'd rather play it there.



Super Mario All Stars + World. That is all I want to be released.

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Is Nintendo Life even that good of a fourm anyways?

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prolly full of 6 year olds tbh

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Yoshi's Island

Everybody seems to say that the later ports just don't quite match up to the original SNES version, and so I've avoided playing it until I can get it legit on SNES without actually having to buy a SNES.

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Yoshi's Island
Ghost Chaser Densei
The Ninja Warriors
Lufia II
Demons Quest
Do re mi fantasy
King of Dragons
Pocky Rocky
Space Megaforce
Super Adventure Island 2
Legend of Mana
Rockman & Forte



Super Bomberman 2 would be great but only with download play as the campaign is kinda thin and going against bots is boring.

edit: might as well throw out Final Fantasy IV -> VI... get on it, Squeenix! And put em on Wii U as well; I'm guessing they just want to push their "updated" versions of these or something? And thus we may never see the SNES versions of these again.. I hope I'm wrong.

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Don't care, Nintendo doesn't like my money cause I wont run out and buy a N3DS.

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Something that's not already released on Wii U
although, I don't have interested to get theses classic games, just to buy them for a New 3DS. (i could always get them for Wii U)

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I would pay to play Secret of Mana on the 3DS. Action games I would rather play on the Wii Virtual console with my SNES style classic controller.



I'm hoping for Super Star Wars trilogy, Stunt Race FX, F1 Exhaust Heat, UN Squadron

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I don't think 3DS will see any/many SNES titles that aren't out on Wii U.

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My list for New 3DS VC? It will be somewhat revision happy

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World: I love the Mario Games and I will be happy if I can have all 5 Games in one package while still allowing me to play the NES Originals. I love Convenience and what's more, Luigi isn't a Pallet Swap of Mario in this SNES Set of Games which makes the All-Stars + World set superior to the original Super Mario World.

Super Game Boy: This might be a trick selection but it would be nice for the New 3DS to have Super Game Boy Functionality with all of the eshop Game Boy games. Games will look a bit nicer and will be given colors somewhat.



@DefHalan: Yeah, they will go through the Wii U SNES library first. They won't add anything that isn't already available on the Wii U.

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