Topic: SNES games appearing on 3DS eShop (pure speculation)

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Recently I've bought a few NES games on the 3DS eShop and after the purchase, in the "others also bought" section I've seen games like F-Zero and Super Castlevania IV pop up, which are SNES games available on the WiiU VC. If I try to view their details, the shop glitches and says the product does not exist.

Do you think this points towards unifying the two eShops? Or are people going to assume SNES games are coming for 3DS again?

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I don't think it's either. Wii U games have shown up before so this is nothing new

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Jollykarp wrote:

Do you think this points towards unifying the two eShops?

There isn't actually 2 eshops, it's one place that's on the same sever which is why stuff like this pops up from time to time.

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