Topic: Pac-Man Virtual Console games have been delisted in Japan

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For those that are looking forward to download the 3 Pac-man virtual console games have been delisted in Japan. Which they are Pac-Man for the gameboy, Pac-Man for the famicon and finally Pac-man Collection for the gba. What is your thoughts about this?

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There are always cartridges available.



@Don That's technically true, but not everyone has a Famicom or GBA just lying around. Weird that they delisted Pac-Man of all things, though.

That Gameboy one is no big loss, at least.



Curiously the GB one is the only one I don't have (the nes game comes with the nes mini).

So I may consider downloading it.


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Probably just the license for the games being on VC expiring. Might be Japan only as SEGA did have the Sonic games taken off the Wii VC (As well as 360 and PS3) for Japan only but just in-case, I'd pick those up and any other VC Pac Man games if you wanted any of em just in-case....



What happened then?

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