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I actually do like DK Jr a bit, bit still: It's really, really slow. I found out how to play Golf, so I'll give it a try.

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Thank you for contacting Nintendo.

Using the information you provided, I can confirm that your Nintendo 3DS system does qualify for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program. Congratulations!

Your Nintendo 3DS system will be added to the Ambassador Program. The Ambassador eligibility list is updated once per week, so please keep checking your Nintendo 3DS eShop for the games.

Once the system has been added, you will be able to download 10 NES Virtual Console games at no charge from the Nintendo eShop. To download your games, select "Settings/Other", then select "Your Downloads". The 10 NES Virtual Console games will be shown here. You'll need to scroll down to view them if you have purchased titles on your system before. The option to "Redownload" the games will be there, so that you can download them at no cost.

By the end of 2011, Nintendo will also provide you with 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games.

I hope you enjoy your games!"
Thanks for realizing that I qualify, Nintendo. Hopefully I'll get them soon.

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I don't understand people who say that DKJR is slow. You do know that he climbs faster when he's on two vines, right? (You probably do, I'm just making sure )

I found my experience with the game to be pretty quick, actually.

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I played alot of DK jr back on Nes and got to like quite a bit. To me it's much more tolerable than the original.
Plus it's the only game where Mario is the bad guy. You gotta give it credit for that.
It's funny how Nintendolife gave the Nes version a poor review score but the Game & watch version got an 8/10.
At least the Nes game had some different stages and wasn't just on a constant loop.
How could anybody think a handheld LCD game is better than an 8-bit Nes game?

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Everyone's hating on Ice Climbers which is something I never saw coming. So I played the "bad" game... I actually liked both the challenge and platforming as it brought superb satisfaction when I finally beat the level. Sure falling through the ground when you clearly made it can be very bothersome but otherwise every aspect of this game is great for what it is.

Oddly it reminds me of Balloon Fight. A lot.

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Link79 wrote:

How could anybody think a handheld LCD game is better than an 8-bit Nes game?

It depends on a lot of different factors. The lower price, portability, and more responsive controls all probably contributed to the DSiWare G&W game being better rated than the NES VC version. However, keep in mind that a review is one person's opinion on a game, and you are entitled to your own. If you don't like a game that has a high Metascore or vice versa, that's fine by me and a lot of other people.

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Buster13 wrote:

Metroid- While I'm sure the game's open ended world felt almost revolutionary back in the day, by today's standards exploring the huge map just feels almost tedious. Yes, you can find new weapons and make progress, and the fact you don't know what you're making progress toward is probably the point of the game. but it can get frustrating. For example, at one point I came across a red door that my shots wouldn't open, so I figured "I must need something stronger!" so I turned around, started searching and eventually found some missiles. After trudging my way up those vertical hallways, through the lava(?) pits, I finally reached the door again, unleashed a missile, and nothing. So now not only do I have to find a different weapon and hope that that is the one to open it, but also I have these missiles that I don't know what to do with. And I'm sure there are gonna be some old-school gamers laughing at my stupidity, but this game's explorative nature doesn't sit well by today's standards.

I'm not going to tell you just how wrong I think you are. All I'm going to say is: try five missiles, fool.



@Buster13 You don't even know that you need to shoot 5 missiles to open the red doors? This is my first time playing this game and even I know that! The best thing about Metroid so far though is quite simply... passwords. These can help you get to the later levels of the game and also unlock invincibility with infinite ammo and all power-ups without ever having to find them all. Passwords are pure fail aren't they?

Super Mario Bros. is pretty awesome, but Mario runs like he's on pure sugar or something his legs go so fast. e.o

Ice Climber's jump is annoying, jump up to a block to immediately fall through it and have to try again.

Donkey Kong Jr. - I fall off of a vine and land immediately to my death.

Mario & Yoshi is an awesome little game, but later on it's near impossible to win.

Baloon Fight is pretty good and actually quite addictive once you get going.

NES Open Tournament Golf is horrendous, I can't even hit the ball right, my best hit so far is 6 yards.

Overall the NES games are pretty awesome, hopefully the GBA games are even better.

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@ Buster13
LOL seriously? I knew the red doors in Metroid took 5 missile shots to open at the age of 7.
Lord help you if you ever play Super Metroid.

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I really enjoy metroid with a map
I think Fusion nailed it with the whole "Go here plz" computer. I can enjoy the challenge more if I know where I'm going. But my morale tanks when I'm getting my butt kicked and I have no idea where to go XD
Metroid with map= Still amazing.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


@ Tare
Totally agree about the map. Without one the game is more trial and error. It's no fun being lost.
Plus if you want to do a speed run you need to know where the heck to go. You can't waste time going in circles.
I just wish dying in the original didn't force you to start with a lousy 30 energy units. That was just cruel and not very fair at all.

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Super Mario Bros. 10/10: It's Super Mario Bros. Nuff Said.
Metroid 6/10 I need a map!!! Music rocks though.
The Legend of Zelda 8/10 Confusing as heck but awesome when you know what to do.
Wrecking Crew 8/10 A cool puzzler difficultly can be brutal early on.
NES Open Tournament 7/10 Why all the hate? This one is pretty good.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link N/A Haven't started yet.
Balloon Flight 7/10 Addicting little game.

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Nintendo should get to work on a new Ice Climber game. It's long over due...

(Prefer as a downloadable title plz)



NintyFan wrote:

Metroid- I was a little surprised to see how this played out similarly to Super Metroid, but there's not much sense of direction in this title as well.

I actually like Metriod more because of no sense of direction, letting Samus go with her gut and not her voice.

I have to start over because I'm stuck between the wall and the statue who gave me morph bomb bombs. This is what happens when you play Metroid Prime first.

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Either I'm in a really bad mood or playing even great games where you have to start from the beginning is the worst thing about NES games. (SMB)

my problem with these games really is that other than the Zelda games and maybe Wrecking Crew, I'm not interested in playing them right now. (except for Balloon Fight, which I own already anyway)

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I read somewhere around this thread (or another similar one) that if you press start+a in the "you died" screen you return to the nearest first level (example die in 4-2 and you return to 4-1 instead of 1-1).

I don't really like SMB so i haven't tested it


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@ kkslider5552000 & abgar
That's right you can continue in Super Mario bros. Hold A and press start as soon as you see GAME OVER.
You'll start right back at the last world you died on.

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Super Mario Bros.- An instant classic. I like this one a lot
The Legend Of Zelda-I already own this one twice, lol. But its great
Zelda II-I got a guide, but the difficulty curve is just....plain unfair.
Ice Climber-Like everyone said the jumping is very sloppy, it just ruins the rest of the game.
Yoshi-This game is almost as addicting as tetris and the presentation is awesome.
NES Golf-I don't get how this works.
Metroid-If you have a map/guide, this game is great!
DKJr.-Even when holding two vines, i still think that he climbs slow.
Balloon Fight-Wow i already played this for 6 hours because it's so fun! The best of the bunch, i think
Wrecking Crew-Not as bad as most sites say, but its not really a classic.

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I've beaten Zelda II on NES like 5 times.
But this is just impossible. It's hard enough using the D-Pad on the 3DS, but then it's compounded by Start and Select being so hard to press - I just can't cast Shield or Life in time. I see one of those axe-throwers and have to start fleeing to try to gain distance so I have time to select Shield and cast it.

If I don't bust up the D-Pad and Start/Select buttons, I'd probably snap the hinges because the game is so frustrating and I have a habit of shaking the "controller" when I die. So I better just stop playing.



You can press Y to cast a spell too (it works as Select).

I just wish they had mapped Start to X too.


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