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tynerds37 wrote:

I'm really happy with Yoshi's island and Fire Emblem, two of my all time favorite GBA games

I was reading through this thread again and I thought this was my comment but looked at the avatar and saw it wasn't... You have a good taste in games. haha



So far I'm liking them all except Fire Emblem. Never did like games like that.


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I haven't even played F-Zero, Fire Emblem and Metroid yet! But my favourites are Yoshi's Island, Minish Cap and Mario Kart.


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F-zero should of not been on the list but I like Zelda alot so Minish cap is my favorite of all of them currently playin metroid fusion!!!

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I have not played them all but I'm leaning torwards Metroid Fusion

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I bought Minish Cap the same day I bought my GBA. I played through it twice back in the day and am thoroughly enjoying my third playthrough.

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I happy with all the games so no faves yet.



I happy with all the games so no faves yet.



Moco_Loco wrote:

I bought Minish Cap the same day I bought my GBA. I played through it twice back in the day and am thoroughly enjoying my third playthrough.

Me too. It was one of the first games I ever played on my (then) new GBA, along with WarioWare, Inc. So glad to have these two games! They're total faves of mine. I'm on my 4th play through ever of Minish Cap, just got to the Palace of Winds in the Cloud Tops.

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Fire Emblem, then Minish Cap, But the only game I don't like is F-Zero,But I cant complain.

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f-zero and minish cap



Minish cap, Kirby amazing mirror, mario vs dk, wario land 4, yoshi's island

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My favorite Ambassador game must be Metriod Fusion even though all of the games in the Ambassador Programme are great.

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Metroid Fusion!

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I've played through a few of them. Here were my first impressions,

Yoshi's Island - After playing Yoshi's Island DS, I needed to get used to the fact that you didn't have to hold down the B button to run. However, I like it a lot better, in particular, the level design is way better in this version.

WarioWare - I forgot how much I loved this game until I started playing it again. Seriously.

Minish Cap - Probably the best 2D Zelda out there. Period.

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Darkrai wrote:

I like all except F-Zero (why couldnt we get Emerald instead)


Playing through Fire Emblem first. I've only played the GameCube edition of this series, and I really enjoyed that one. I like this one quite a bit so far.

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