Topic: Are NES/SNES games really coming?

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Hey guys,

What do yo think are the chances we will see NES and especially SNES games on the 3DS VC? I heard there was an announcement trailer at E3 last year with some SNES games but until now we have only seen gameboy games on the VC and the trend seems that that will be it! Furthermore Nintendo should start releasing some great 3rd party games on the VC! Their policy of mostly releasing own games is starting to piss me off! Who needs a Mario baseball when we could have 3rd party gems?



They're coming as 3D Classics. We already have one NES game and more are on the way. As for the VC, probably not since there's no portable version of the console like the Turboexpress.

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yes Japan already got Xevious and Urban Champion, also Punch-Out, Yoshi's Island, Kid Icarus, and Nazo no Mursamjou were announced

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Oh VC and 3D Classics are not the same? There is hope...
I still havent bought a 3DS but im near dying because i grew up with OOT. I just want to make that money count.

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@th14 Not all the current 3DS vc games are first-party, there is Double dragon and Fortified zone and Japan have Mega man: dr. Wily's revenge but I agree, we do need more third-party games on the service but its early days for 3DS vc so hopefully there will be more third-party games in the future.


I hope a lot of SNES games.....full screen and in 3d...Yes!!!



While it would be great i'm quite sure they'll just do some 3D Classics.


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GreatManaTree wrote:

I hope a lot of SNES games.....full screen and in 3d...Yes!!!

too bad you can't see the 3D then


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3D Classics I've been told has been terminated. They'll get the initial 6 of them done and that's probably going to be it. It appears that it's vastly more difficult to take an old NES game that gets more busy on screen and make it work in this varying 3D perspective. Xevious supposedly was a nightmare of trial and error with all the little things it has going on. I hope it's not true as I think some games could benefit from it, but seeing what has been done so far they're not going after the heavy content stuff to do it in.

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Who cares about 3D with all the old games. We just want them like they used to be, why do they not understand this??? They could make fortunes by just finally putting some effort into getting them on the VC!



You could really start some rumors with thread titles like this.

"Is Nintendo really sending $50 to everyone who bought a 3DS before September?"

"Is Shigeru Miyamoto really quitting Nintendo and going to Microsoft?"

That said, they seem to be separating the handheld and console versions of the virtual console, at least as far as Nintendo consoles are concerned. I would love to play some of those games on the go too, completely unaltered. But...never say never.

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I high doubt that ports will come to the 3DS VC cause they have NES and SNES game on the Wii VC. That would just hurt VC sales on the Wii. You might have remakes like what they did with OoT or you might get a few of the remakes that they made for the GBA of SNES games.

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Why would that hurt the sales on the Wii VC? I'm sure many would buy both versions or at least one.



I doubt Nintendo would lose sales if you bought one of their products over another.

Super Punch-Out!!, Axelay, and Demon's Crest for 3D Classics. Agree?


NES games are coming. first as abassador titles, then paid versions for everyone! I don't know about SNES

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A long time ago they said Turbo Grafx games would be coming to 3DS VC.
Were are they huh?

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I'm more interested in whether or not I'll be allowed to download the titles I already bought on Wii VC without having to buy them again. Again.

Yup, I have one too:


releasing standard NES and SNES games on the 3DS kind of destroys the magic that is the Wii's Virtual
That would be like sticking GB/GBC games on the Wii....Color me not excited. Yet I'm ALL for '3D' classics.

ALSO, IF for some reason those NES games share the same washed out, uncolorful and dark crap-job emulations that wii got for NES VC games, than i won't even bother. At least on my TV, i can customize and fiddle with my TV settings and radically increase and color and contrast to make those NES VC games look great....where as on the 3DS, i'm basically screwed.

Either way I honestly could care less about the 20 free GBA/NES/SNES games. Because I know those GBA games will have a tinier screen on the 3DS, OR we'll have to put up with a larger blurrier picture.

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