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So I'm playing Ever Oasis, it's a great time, and I'm wondering what are some other great original 3DS games? And I do mean series/franchises born on 3DS



Personally, I like Bravely Default and its sequel, Bravely Second, quite a lot. The Yo-Kai Watch series is also fun to me, especially for the unique and funny-looking Yokai designs and names. Some people might also mention Fantasy Life, though I'm not particularly fond of that one.

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The Pushmo series has been one of my favorite new IPs from the last several years.

Honestly though, looking through my game catalogue I couldn't find a single new IP, only remakes or sequels to some of my favorite series (Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter to name a few). Many of the new IPs that I did enjoy were on the eShop.


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Define "original". My top games on 3DS are OoT (a remake, so doesn't count), ALBW (which is essentially a pseudo-remake of ALttP, so might not count), SM, and Planet Robobot. If you're going by new IPs, nothing really interested me that much.

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By your explanation I suppose that Monster Hunter and any other series that appeared first on any other console don't count right?

Well, then I can't think of much. All I have is Dragon Ball Fusions, which I suppose could count since while there are many DB games on other consoles, none of them is like this one. It's an rpg exclusive for the 3DS and could be the start of a new series of games.

I may be wrong but... there aren't many games born on the 3DS.

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I always liked Sakura Samurai, and the Guild series games (notably Attack of the Friday Monsters, Crimson Shroud, Liberation Maiden, & the Starship Damrey).

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Fantasy Life was so much fun for me! There are very few games that capture my imagination like that and I put in a lot of effort to get the most out of the game. Even after playing a good 200 hours on it, I only stopped when I got sick of trying to constantly manage my inventory and I felt I had achieved enough anyway.




Just by virtue of being a unique IP on the system. I have it, but haven't actually tried it yet.

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@gcunit It's a hidden gem, I love it.

And with that, Boxboy and Codename Steam are my favorite new 3DS IPs. Ever Oasis is cool, just not far into it.

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I've not played nearly enough games, and thus nearly every great one I've played is not a series that started on 3DS. Luigi's Mansion, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Steamworld (no one remembers Steamworld Tower Defense) etc.

So I'm gonna say Pushmo. Absolutely great puzzle games. Stretchmo and Pushmo combined I probably put more time into than any single 3DS game.

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Fantasy life has outstanding graphics, it is incredible to look, but I find it rather boring. There are too many dialogues, too many shallow and boring dialogues, characters are obnoxious, the fact that I was forced to carry one of those obnoxious characters (the butterfly) and take her with me really bothered me, the character customization was very limited... I wanted to like it, graphics were fabulous but really I can't unfortunately. I think my favourite 3DS IP will be Miitopia. I am loving the demo and I will buy it tomorrow

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