Topic: Would you like a Game Boy Remix for 3DS eShop?

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Same as NES Remix for Wii U but using only first party Nintendo Game Boy games.

What games and challenges would you like to see?

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Ideas for challenges:
Pokemon Red/Blue/Green: catch a Pikachu wirhin a timelimit
Warioland: collect 999 coins
Super Mario land 2: complete a level without hurting enemys
Balloontrip: beat the first stage without using balloons (its possible, I did it once)


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Yeeees! I hope they make one for the 3DS.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is thinking/working on this already. I would love to see it. I will probably pick up the NES one after Christmas.

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Why don't we skip ahead? How about N64 REMIX!?

Umm… Care to have some gravy?


If it included GB and GBC games, that'd be cool... they'd probably just stick with GB and remix some vibrant colors in, though, and I'd be happy with that!

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I would probably buy it in a heartbeat.


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Yes! But it would need to bunch GB and GBC games.


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Sure, but not for $15



Hopefully it includes challenges for the system's Metroid and Kid Icarus titles, which are absent in the NES Remix.

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accc wrote:

Sure, but not for $15

How about $14.99

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I'd buy a SNES Remix, too.

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I don't know. Most of the first-party or second-party titles were very short at the time and there wasn't much to them when compared to their NES or SNES counterparts. They'd have to think hard if they want to include some genius puzzles.

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