Topic: What about Sega 3D Classics Collection Final Stage?

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Supposedly all the Sega 3D classics are available on the Japanese E shop but I can not find them. I just got my Japanese 3DS and I ordered the triple pack of Sega 3D containing all the games. I went on the E shop and scanned all the games just out of curiosity but could not find the Sega classics. Everything is in Japanese so I could not use the search tab as I do not know Japanese. The only reason I bought the Japanese 3DS was to play all the Sega 3D classics that have not been released in the West. I hope to receive my cartridges by early August but in the meantime I play what is available on my U.S 3DS.



@Jakara1951 How much did the Japanese 3DS cost you and where did you buy it? The same with the game. Thanks.

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