Topic: Unsure about upgrading from 2DS to either 3DS XL or NEW 3DS XL (also concerned about data transfer)

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Hello! This question has been bugging me for a while lately, and I thought I'd run it by a nintendo forum to get some input (note:this is also my first post here). Right now I have a 2DS that I bought some years ago to jump on the new DS train (on the cheap). Since then, I've had a slowly growing library of both physical games as well as digital games. Just recently, I made a bit of an impulse buy and purchased Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate off the e-shop. As I played these games, I began to envy the screen size and the overall portability of the 3DS XL and the NEW 3DS XL (as well as memory space and extra buttons). To top it off, I also had to delete some digital games I already had in my 2DS digital library to make enough space for these beasts of games (I dunno, maybe I should've just bought physical copies, but hey, they were discounted on the e-shop and were right there! So I thought, why not? I'd been dying to get these games for some time).
So, here I am, wondering WHICH 3DS system I should upgrade to; either the regular 3DS XL or the NEW 3DS XL. I'm unsure about the NEW 3DS XL because of it's supposed "exclusive games". If you've noticed in the past, Nintendo has made these improved consoles and said they'd release exclusive games, which they do, but often times it seems they don't release a lot of them ( however, I did see a good number of retro/virtual console games on the e-shop, but I digress). So my question still stands: 3DS XL or NEW 3DS XL? All advice is appreciated! Thanks for reading and sorry if this post is a bit long-winded!
P.S. I'm also confused by the data/memory transfer process I'd have to do with my 2DS and 3DS/NEW 3DS XL. I hear it's a hassle, and am also unsure of upgrading because of it. If anyone could help me understand the process of this, that'd be great!

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New 3DS XL a all the way.

The money you would save by going with the old model XL is negligible, and it is inferior in every single way. The 3D is a headache without the new stable 3D eye-tracking feature. There is no NFC integration. You'll have to buy a separate circle pad pro to play monster Hunter properly (making it the same total cost as the new 3DS XL anyways). You won't have access to Xenoblade, you won't be able to post screenshots from monster Hunter on Miiverse, or Smash Bros for that matter. You won't have access to the Super Nintendo virtual console. And the thing is slower than litigation- trust me you want the NEW 3DS XL.

Then just go spend $15 and grab a 32gb micro-SD card and never worry about running out of space again. You can even use microSD cards larger than that as long as you format them to FAT 32 with 64kb clusters.

The data transfer process is not hard- you've seen those Geico commercials with the caveman? It's like that. Turn both systems on. Go to settings in each one, tap SYSTEM TRANSFER on each one, and follow the prompts. It's not a hassle and with only two digital games you can just set it and forget it and come back 10 minutes later and it should be done.

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@JaxonH Thanks for the input! Yeah, you make great points and put it in good perspective. Guess I'm going with the new model!

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I don't think there are many who upgraded from standard to 'New' 3DS for reasons other than exclusive software that are disappointed. On the assumption that you plan to get years of play with this thing, the extra money will be pretty negligible.

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I would cast a vote for the New 3ds. I really enjoy the 3d feature now that it actually works. I also like the built in NFC reader and extra game support. I buy only new so the price jump from regular 3ds XL to New 3ds is negligible and would be a small price to pay. Now if you buy used it could come out quite a bit more expensive to upgrade if you are not worried about all the exclusive New features.



another question about the system transfer process: When I have the new 3ds xl, should I put in the new (32 gig) micro SD card in BEFORE the system transfer or AFTER?

Maybe there are forces in this world we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles.
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