Topic: Transferring content of a second SD card to New Nintendo 3DS (Please help!)

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Hi guys!

I recently bought a New Nintendo 3DS XL. Using the system transfer option on the new system, I was able to transfer the content I had on my previous system (from one SD card).However, I have additional content on a second SD card I used on my previous system.

I cannot use the system transfer option since it will bring the whole content of this second card and delete my current configuration (transferred from the first card).

I'm thinking on using a PC to move the content from this second SD card to the current microSD card placed inside my New Nintendo 3DS.

Upon inserting the SD card into my PC, I checked its contents:
Main folder: Nintendo 3DS
Sub folders:
1. 7ba5493114f8315ca3e41cad9b49ff28
2. 592e324ce48663d676620583213c0e6a

1a. Inside 7ba5493114f8315ca3e41cad9b49ff28 I have a sub-folder 1da1008c521000004c45584100284245 which includes 3 subfolders: dbs, extdata, title

2a. Inside 592e324ce48663d676620583213c0e6a I have a sub-folder 1da1008c521000004c45584100284245 which includes 1 subfolder: extdata

Now, inside the microSD currently placed in my New N3DS, I have:

Nintendo 3DS (main folder) and two sub-folders:

1. 7ba5493114f8315ca3e41cad9b49ff28 (with one subfolder)

  • 161a0123478040345353333200035344 (with 4 subfolders)
    • dbs
    • extdata
      • Nintendo DSiWare
      • title

2. Private (with one subfolder)

  • 00020400

Could you please let me know exactly which folder should I copy from the SD card to the current microSD card?

Thank you in advance!




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