Topic: Thinking about buying a N3DS XL next week~ Should I?

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I can't remember the last time I turned on the 3D effect

People keep saying the Xbox One doesn't have Backwards Compatibility.
I don't think they know what Backwards Compatibility means...

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@emmit643 That's good to hear! I wear glasses too because I suffer from astigmatism, meaning that my eyes are prone to become strained when exposed to long gaming sessions.

@Def Halan
I see! And why do you rather play without the 3D, if I may ask?

Alright everyone, I went to the store this evening and I am now a happy owner of a brand-new Wii U and N3DS, haha!
I just couldn't resist and ended up buying both.
Thank you so much for your awesome replies!

Warm Regards~



Well done. I'm sure you wont regret it. Have fun.



Awesome! Enjoy!

I'm trying to wait for the NX before I get a wiiU (if I do). I currently really want one (Splatoon!). I feel like it'll be cheaper in the fall.



Oh awesome! If I found something like that I would probably grab it too!



I have the new 3ds xl and love it! I love the 3d the big screen size and big size and shape in general as I have big hands.I must say a few negative things too. No charger included and get a extended warranty as I babied my 3DS xl and the right speaker just blew out and I'm just out of my 1 year warranty. The price for Nintendo to fix is $85. I have a thread up about this.



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