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The first ever shiny that I met was a zubat in the Shoal Cave in Emerald. I remember it so vividly! Too bad I lost it somewhere inbetween transfers and restarts since then. I believe the next wild-encounter shiny was a sandile on route 9 in X. I was so happy and used it in my team to complete the game. That red Krookodile is awesome!

Then, after defeating the elite four, I got a bit into competitive play and breeded a nice team for the Fairy Competition one time. When breeding for a perfect marill, suddenly a golden shiny one showed up, with perfect stats! I failed miserably in the competition, but at least everyone saw my azumarill-pride, LOL! I also got a shiny kecleon in the Friend Safari and bred a shiny ponyta (blue flames, woo!). That ponyta was random luck, I was just breeding a Rapidash to get a ponyta to fill my dex. Turned out to be shiny

And just last week, I randomly met a shiny dewgong (one of my favorite pokémon!) in the Shoal Cave in AS. Guess that completes my shiny-circle so far

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My first shiny I atempted to hatch was a honedge. After about a few months, I hatched more shinies but before honedge I had a lot of paras eggs from breeding a competitive parasect, and when I was cleaning my box I hatched a shiny paras, if I continued hatching eggs it would've been my first instead.

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Didn't know this thread existed...
....I haz a shiny Vulpix now...didn't have the hidden the ability or nature I was hunting for, but I'm sticking with it anyways. owo

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I just got my first Shiny in the wild yesterday! I was randomly running around on Route 8 and I encountered a Shiny Absol! It looks amazing, even more so when you Mega-Evolve it. However, my first Shiny with my OT (one that was not traded or from a distribution) was a Shiny Bulbasaur I hatched with the Masuda Method. I wasn't even trying for a Shiny (well, I was, but I wouldn't have hatched hundreds of eggs just to get one). It's super cute! (But I really want a Shiny Turtwig and Mudkip...)

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First shiny ever was a Skuntank in Gen 4. Freaked out (cause I was like 10) and tossed my master ball at it since I had caught Dialga with an ultra. Next true wild shiny was also in Gen 4, but it was a randomizer hack, so it was a Pigeon in a cave. Haven't had any legit encounters myself since. However, I just recently purchased a 2ds and got Omega Ruby free from the guy I bought it from. I've been wonder trading like no tomorrow, and today I got a shiny 5 IV Eevee and a Shiny 5 IV Greninja holding a master ball. Definitely my best wonder trade.

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I was training my Ivysaur on Kalos' route 7 when it learned sweet scent. I figured that sweet scent and razor leaf would be a good combination as there was a Psyduck horde which makes for a quick KO. After a couple of Psyduck hordes I started getting Hoppips, which were difficult because they're grass types and they know synthesis. After the second Hoppip horde, I was beginning to reconsider my strategy, however the third one yielded me a nice and shiny Hoppip. I almost missed it because I was talking to someone at work, luckily I glanced down.

So happy, it put a positive spin on an unpleasant day.

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i have a gumshoose that I sos chained along with a phyduck. i also have a gloom that the game got corrupted with that i found in the saffari zone in oras and a oshawatt that i chained in white that i lost the game at school and in moon i am currently hunting a magikarp and in white 2 a tepig.



I got a shiny totodile as my starter in my new Soul Silver file a few hours ago.

It was a very nice surprise.


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i am also trying to get shiny honedge and treecko



My craziest haul occurred after I received the Shiny Charm in X version. Almost immediately after going into the wild, I encountered a shiny Gulpin (in a hoard encounter), less than 24 hours later, I found a shiny Pidgey and on the fourth day after receiving the Shiny Charm, I found a Venipede. It was crazy that I had found so many in such a short space of time (without even trying!). Some time later, I found a Druddigon on Victory Road (I'm just grateful that it wasn't a Graveler! ).

Later, as I was breeding an entire Pokedex (starting from Bulbasaur), I found nothing until I bred a shiny Purrloin and shortly thereafter, a Maractus.

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Since my last post I encountered another shiny Hoppip (which I will evolve) and a pretty blue Psyduck. I've been playing games other than Pokemon on my 3DS, so I haven't gone back to X yet, but I will, I plan to have a living dex and I'm not close to achieving that yet.

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