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I like the game about Pokemon and Pokemon shuffle is one of them.

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Hi, just got my first Nintendo handheld since the Advanced first came out. LMAO
I specifically got my 3ds just to play Pokémon Shuffle, (mobile has a major issue when it comes to transfer codes) and because literally no one in my circle plays or even owns any handheld system, I have absolutely no friends on my Nintendo.

@Rikaria @sillygostly @spoonytech
I noticed you 3 posted your codes/IDs on this thread about Shuffle, so with high hopes I added you on my Friend List. If you, or anyone else for that matter, still plays Shuffle on their 3ds please add me back.
I desperately need more hearts than just one every 30 minutes without spending money on it.
Haha x) *sadface

Anyway, if anyone is interested in adding me
fc: 1350-1502-2215
Nintendo Network ID: EeyorePLUR67

3DS FC: 1350-1502-2215
Nintendo Network ID: EeyorePLUR67

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