Topic: New 3DS XL will not boot, but will indicate power and charging.

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Okay, so I was following this( tutorial and got to the point where he went to the browser and typed in a URL. I did the same, but all it did was make the screens change tints like the Star Power up in Mario Kart. So, I turned it off and back on. Same thing. So, like an idiot, I went to update my system because apparently there was a way to mod in 11.5 (I was in 11.2 chillin with soundhax). After it updated, it tried to restart, but instead turned off. Thinking this was intentional, I turned it back on. After about 5 seconds of no screen, audio, or WiFi LED output I started panicking. If I can't fix this, then all the content I have created for the 3DS will have to go away(it's A LOT of mods). Please help me.


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