Topic: My son wants a 3DS, would be his first handheld

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New Nintendo 3DS XL will last for years, and it is perfect for a 7yo.

My oldest son is 13 and has the Switch. But the variety of games for 3DS still forces him to split his play time so he can play on the 3DS. My youngest is 7 as well. I carry the 3DS and finding Mii's on the street keeps him engaged.

Yes, Switch is "better" and "newer" console, but it is for bigger guys. The 3DS is an amazing technological toy that will last for years, even now on 2017. And I recon that I would love to buy one 3DS for each family member.

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I’d say yes. While the 3ds is around 6 years old, and the Switch is out as well, there are still plenty of great games on the 3ds. And plus the entire DS library. The games are also much cheaper too. While everyone else here seems to have recommended 3ds games (good recommendations at that) there is also the Great DS lineup. Here are some DS games I would recommend to get for your son.

New Super Mario Bros
Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story
Kirby Mass Attack
Super Mario 64 DS
Kirby Superstar Ultra
Kirby Mass Attack
Pokemon Black or White
Pokemon Black or White 2
Sonic Rush
Sonic Colors
Kirby Squeak Squad
Kirby & The Rainbow Curse



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