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grmnmex wrote:

some1 to exchange FC? (NA)
mine is 0173 1319 3106

Add me. 3995-6815-0058.

I'm having a very difficult time playing online. Some guys are just too good for me. I guess I need to practice more or get better stuff.

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I have to say this game has surprised me. Even though I have had it it since it came out I am surprised by just how much I have played it. So far it is my 2nd most played game this year. For those still on the fence about it I say get it. Super Mario Tennis was the sole reason I got the game, but I came to love just about everything else in MTO. Fantastic game and even with the lack of content. Now Camelot about Mario Golf...

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I'm hooked on Mario Tennis Open, very fun game to play with friends. Haven't tried online yet.

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akabenjy wrote:

Cool:) FC: 240654645602

I usually post on IGN so I don't know many people on these boards. Plus MTO is region locked so it's hard to find people to play Exhibition matches online:(

Hey, I am looking for Mario Tennis Open Matches in AUS (none of you probably play anymore) and I was wondered if you could add me back? 3453-9953-3919 Thanks



I recently got this game and I really like it but the online Nintendo Network match making doesn't work. I'm assuming the server is still up but that the game is "dead." Is there a good time to check online for matches? Late weeknights PST have been a bust.



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