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With the recent release of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (which I found to be slightly underwhelming, TBH, though I still enjoyed it), I think it's fair to take a look at the two Mario RPG series and decide which one we like the most!

I've played Bowser's Inside Story, Dream Team, and Paper Jam and I can safely say I prefer Mario & Luigi to Paper Mario. Then again, the only Paper Mario games I've played are SPM and Sticker Star (usually considered the worst) so my opinion isn't that fair.

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I've played all the M&L games, and all the Paper Mario games, and I prefer M&L to Paper Mario by a long shot.

Paper Mario is fun for sure, a really great series, but the games after TTYD were not as fun to me. I don't like how Luigi isn't playable, and I find the battle system to be a tad more boring than M&L battles. I'm still optimistic about Color Splash, so hopefully it'll be great, and maybe get this series back on track.

M&L games, on the other hand, are still going strong imo. (No Sticker Star yet ). I love how Luigi is an important character, and the plot and text are usually very funny. I'm finding Paper Jam to be quite fun, one of my favorite M&L's actually. I hope the series continues for a long time.

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Mario & Luigi. By freakin' far. Paper Mario and SMRPG don't even come close.
I can't really express how much fun I've had with Mario & Luigi. The artstyle, the story, the characters, and the battles of each game I've played are so masterfully charming. The time I use to play each game in the series --talking to others, watching the funny cutscenes, buying/selling stuff and fighting boss battles — is worth every second. It's everything I want in an RPG series and then some. I think the Mario & Luigi series is actually my best RPG series ever.
Paper Mario (well, the RPG-centric ones since it fits the context) and SMRPG are good games on their own, but I will rather much play Mario and Luigi for my RPG fix.

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Yeah; I generally prefer the Mario & Luigi as well. Even if the Paper Mario series' latter two games were better; I'd still favour M&L for how it goes about the RPG formula. I enjoy the humour, battles, and story more in the Mario & Luigi games than in Paper Mario 64 and TTYD.

The games in their own right are great but when comparing; that's my opinion on the matter.

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To be honest, I prefer Paper Mario more (or at least the first three games.). Now, M & L is by no means bad, in fact it's actually great! And while both series have great stories and characters, I just prefer Paper Mario's. Though there are some things that I think M & L has over Paper: Fawful is awesome, and at least in that series Nintendo doesn't feel the need to constantly fix what was never even broken in the first place.

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I've always preferred Mario & Luigi, though it was a real close call... back when Paper Mario wasn't ruined by Sticker Star.

Then the unthinkable happened, and Paper Mario turned to crap. So Mario & Luigi is now better by default, since it's at least stuck to what works.

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My favorites would go in this order: Super Paper Mario / TTYD (tie) > Partners in Time > Paper Mario 64 (the story felt kinda thin playing it after PM 2 & 3) > Bowser's Inside Story > Dream Team > Sticker Star.

I haven't played either Paper Jam or Superstar Saga substantially enough to comment. Super Paper Mario and TTYD are the obvious highlights, though. Those two were the only games that really made me feel like I was on a journey and a great story was being told, TTYD especially (trains are just great).

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I think I like Paper Mario better as a whole. All of them save for Sticker Star blew my mind, Sticker Star did something different for me, it looked nice and had elements that made the game universe seem more interesting. I overall enjoyed all the games. I've played Paper Mario 64 like 7 times and I could probably play it again soon. It's one of the very few games with a longer story and play through, I can pick up over and over. As for M&L, a couple of them were meh, I didn't hate Superstar Saga or Partners in Time but I wasn't like WOWOWOWOW. But I guess I'm weird, I think my favorite was actually Dream Team but Bowsers Inside Story is a close 2nd place. I haven't played Paper Jam but I probably will at some point since it seems even with the glitches, you can avoid them all if you're not actively seeking them out for the most part. Also I have no idea why, but I'm actually really craving a Mario game where it's a bunch of characters I already know. I have no idea why this is appealing. But I hope they don't keep doing this forever.

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Blue_Blur wrote:

I'm still optimistic about Color Splash, so hopefully it'll be great, and maybe get this series back on track.

If you are hoping Color Slpash to be like the older paper Mario's (before the new rule that banned developers from adding story and original characters), then I wouldn't be optimistic about Color Splash bringing the series back on track. There seem to be no original characters this far, only generic toads which is a red flag.

But if you have different expectations, then Color Splash might be for you ^_^

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