Topic: [HELP] New 3ds XL/LL (2015) Charging but not turning on at all

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Hi guys I got a new 3ds ll (Japan) that doesn't turn on but charges. When I press the power button nothing happens,not even the blue power light comes on. But when I plug it into a charger it charges with the orange charging light coming on. No sd card is inserted

Link to Motherboard Pics:

Short video of the problem:
Anyone know where does the problem lie at? Anywhere I should clean first in the motherboard or check?

A Big Thanks In Advance !



Well that 3DS doesn't look like it can be easily repaired. You could take the battery out, plug the charger in and then try to turn it on. Also, if you hear a popping sound it's definitly beyond saving. You probably have to send it in for repair though.

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