Topic: Happy 19th Birthday Pokemon! What are some of your special memories from Pokemon?

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gcunit wrote:

I'm 34 and have just bought my first hand-held gaming device.

The first game I've bought for it is Pokemon Y. I've no previous experience of Pokemon other than knowing it is a global phenomenon.

Am I too old to get into it?

It is a lot easier for us "veterans" to get into the new games simply because we're well aware of many of the game's intricate (and often subtle) mechanics. I think you'll do fine, though you may wish to consult the web occasionally so you'll know which moves are the best for your Pokémon (as they can only learn four of them). I would also advise you to stick only to the 3DS and any future Pokémon games as opposed to going back to the earlier ones. It is worth noting the dual-version Pokémon games are always the same. The only difference between them is that there are a few Pokémon that are obtainable in one version and not the other. It is not worth buying both unless you're a diehard fan. You can always go online and trade for any Pokémon that you may be missing instead.

Pokémon X & Y are among the easiest Pokémon games in the series so you'll be fine. Just make sure that you talk to EVERY character in the game as they'll give you useful items and advice.

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I like pokemon games since then.



I've been playing Pokemon since the original Red & Blue Versions and the one memory that will ALWAYS stick with me is how I found a shiny Slugma on Cycling Road in Gold Version... and I couldn't catch it because I didn't have Pokeballs!


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