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Thursday21st May 2020

  • News Famitsu Poll Reveals Readers' Favourite Fire Emblem Games

    Top Five Emblems

    The Fire Emblem series celebrated its 30th anniversary in April and in honour of the milestone Japanese gaming publication Famitsu polled its readers on their favourite games from Nintendo's celebrated strategy RPG series. Of course, Japan has received several entries in the franchise that we never got over here in the West--we...

Tuesday21st Apr 2020

Saturday29th Feb 2020

  • Poll Vote For Your Favourite Fire Emblem Games

    Nintendo Life reader phase!

    Earlier this week we posted our ranking of all the Fire Emblem games that have received an official release in the West. With a series this good our personal ranking was always going to be contentious, and judging from the comments that proved to be the case. With such a divide in public opinion, we've decided to put the...

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  • Feature Game Of The Decade Staff Picks - Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Gavin's personal pick for GOTD

    Following on from our reader-voted Top 50 Games of the Decade, Nintendo Life staff members will be picking their personal favourite Nintendo games between the years 2010-2019. Today, Gavin looks back nearly seven years and tries to remember the name of his kid... Picking one's favourite game from a decade’s worth...

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