E3 News


  • Random Possibly The Rarest Nintendo e-Reader Card Ever Has Been Found

    Update: 1st Place promo Kirby card sold for over $10K

    Update #2 (Fri 23rd Jul, 2021): After a full week on ebay, bidding finally closed on the auction and the card sold for a whopping $10,600USD. Nintendo destroyed any 'winning' Kirby promo cards at E3 2002, so this incredibly rare 1st place survivor was always going to suck in some high bids. Five...




  • News Konami Won't Be Attending E3 2021 But Still Has A Number Of Projects To Reveal

    "stay tuned for some updates in the coming months"

    Japanese games company Konami - known for titles such as Metal Gear Solid - has announced it won't be attending E3 2021. In a statement on social media, the company said it still had "great respect" for the ESA and would continue to support it in the future. It's also taken this opportunity to...

  • News E3 Announces Its Digital Event Hosts For 2021

    Here are your hosts for E3's four-day event

    After its break last year, E3 is really starting to feel like an actual thing again this year. We've already heard about a growing list of game publishers that are going to be on board, and now more details are being set in stone thanks to a new host reveal. E3 2021 will be an all-virtual global event...

  • News E3 Line-Up Potentially Expands With SEGA And Bandai Namco

    Update: list may be out of date

    Update: It's been highlighted (thanks to those that messaged us) that the participating companies page linked may be the list from last year's cancelled E3 event. Though the site header states E3 2021, direct links to the page obscure the fact that the current website doesn't directly point to that list. It's very...

  • News Square Enix Confirms Plans For E3 2021

    "Several" games lined up

    Another major publisher has confirmed that it will be making an appearance at this year's E3, as Square Enix joins the ever-growing roster. The news comes from an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, where the company's CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, has revealed that announcements will be shared at this year's event. Here's...

  • News Ubisoft Forward Event Confirmed For Day One Of E3

    Just Dance 2022 confirmed, surely

    E3 is back this year, and for many of us it'll be the same as always - sitting in comfort with snacks at hand and watching too many livestreams. Though we won't necessarily have the groan-inducing entertainment of a live show, the good news is that Ubisoft has dated its presentation with the 'Ubisoft Forward' brand...

  • Talking Point A Digital-Only E3 Makes Sense, But In-Person Events Are The Goal

    Games are born at events like these

    When E3 revealed that it would run a digital event this year, it drew interest because of some notable participants – in particular, Nintendo and Xbox – but also plenty of weary sarcasm to match the buzz. E3 as an event arguably only has itself to blame if some feel jaded or downright indifferent to it, as it...

  • News Nintendo's Doug Bowser Excited To Get Games Industry "Back Together" For E3

    "We’ll make the virtual format fun and engaging"

    Earlier this week, the Entertainment Software Association announced its plans for this year's E3 event - revealing several major publishers, including Nintendo, would be participating in this "all-virtual" show. Following this announcement, Nintendo of America's president Doug Bowser shared his own...

  • News E3 2021 Has Been Dated - Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom And More All Confirmed

    Online-only, and completely free

    The Entertainment Software Association has announced its plans for this year's E3 event, revealing that several major publishers are already on board – including Nintendo. A "reimagined, all-virtual" version of E3 will take place from Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th June. The ESA says that "developers will be...

  • News Don't Worry, E3 2021 Won't Be Locked Behind A Paywall

    It's the same as usual, according to the ESA

    Yesterday, VGC published a story suggesting E3 could potentially be locking some elements of this year's digital E3 event behind a paywall. The plan, according to "multiple publishing sources" was to apparently charge a fee for some of this year's content. This would include demos and a "premium" package...