• News Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Splashing Onto The Wii U eShop

    It's Wave Ra... sorry

    In news that's sure to tickle the nostalgia of those with fond memories of the Wave Race franchise, Zordix AB has confirmed that it's bringing Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to the Wii U eShop. This seems to be a progression from Aqua Moto Racing 3D, a smart device title re-tooled for the 3DS eShop. Despite some fun foundations that...



  • News Aqua Moto Racing 3D Developer Keen to Bring it to Wii U

    "It would be a dream"

    Aqua Moto Racing 3D arrived in the European 3DS eShop this week, with the North American release to arrive relatively soon. We're currently working on our review, but it's a title — and series — that's achieved notable success on smartphones, and from video footage alone may remind some of the Wave Race titles that graced...

  • News Aqua Moto Racing 3D Hopes to Make Waves in the eShop on 27th June

    Attempting to replicate smartphone success

    Update: Zordix AB has confirmed that, contrary to the impression given earlier, this title is only confirmed for 27th June in Europe, with a North American date yet to be confirmed. Original Article: Zordix is a developer that's enjoyed some success in the smartphone market with its Moto games, while...



  • News 1950s Lawn Mower Kids to Release Next Week

    Keep off the grass!

    Publisher Zordix AB is continuing its quirky output of DSiWare releases ― as revealed back in June with a rather informative trailer ― and fans of grass cutting are sure to be in for for a treat. 1950s Lawn Mower Kids does what it says on the tin. Set in suburban America in the '50s, the game features Tom, Nancy and Tim as...