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    Review Cutie Clash

    Clash of the birds

    Yazar Media Group's Cutie Clash is another entry in the Cutie Pets meta-series. Of all the other strange Cutie Pets games, Cutie Clash is the weirdest, most charming and ultimately most disappointing. A wacky one-hit multiplayer brawler, Cutie Clash could have been a parody of Super Smash Bros. had it been fleshed out more. But...

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    Review Cutie Pets Go Fishing

    Hook, line...sink

    Yazar Media Group's Cutie Pets meta-series is a peculiar little oddity on the Wii U eShop. The games are full of strange, weirdly compelling characters and ideas, but the execution is very, very flawed. Unfortunately, that trend continues with Cutie Pets Go Fishing. Yet another Cutie game with very, very little content, it's...


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    Review Cutie Pets Jump Rope

    Is this some sort of strange experiment?

    We won't go so far as to accuse Cutie Pets series developer Yazar Media Group of a heinous plot to thumb its nose at the very laws of nature. It's certainly not a heinous plot, at the very least; we'd call it more stare-worthingly kooky. But if you believed the cryptozoological marvel known as Mandeer in...


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    Review Cutie Pets Pick Berries

    Mandeer is Indifferent

    Cutie Pets Pick Berries is a far more innocent game than its smouldering mandeer hunks might have you believe. Sure, they'll be up there posing on your tv screen the entire time you play the game, but this isn't anything like Bubble Bath Babes or Peek a Boo Poker - don't expect some sort of saucy, torrid forest affair. Just...


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    Review Electronic Super Joy: Groove City

    Groove it or lose it

    Electronic Super Joy: Groove City is a weird game. The plot involves a giant robot stripper that loses her laser nipples, and you're trying to get them back so she stops destroying Groove City in a resulting fit of rage. The story matters very little beyond setup purposes, as the majority of the dialogue is delivered through...