• Random Unpacking's 14,000 Audio Files Make For One Hell Of A Polished Game

    *clunk* *schwif* *bang*

    Earlier this week, a zen game about unpacking, which is unsurprisingly called Unpacking, launched on Nintendo Switch. Since then, it's been getting a lot of attention, both for its players who don't know what GameCubes are, and for the stunning amount of detail within the isometric pixel art game. The latest detail to go...

  • Random Oh No, People Don't Recognise GameCubes Any More


    Remember when people realised that the Save icon — a little floppy disk — would be unrecognisable to younger generations? Remember how absolutely ancient you felt? Well, get ready, because it's happening again, and you are the cryptkeeper. Congrats! Here's the backstory: The lovely, zen game Unpacking just came out, and it's all...

  • News This Wholesome, Zen Pixel Art Game Is All About Unpacking

    Little boxes, all the same

    Moving houses sucks. That sounds like the start of a thoughtful haiku that's all about change, but it's not, it's just a fact of life: having to pack up your belongings, your clothes, and your plants, and fit them all into a series of cardboard boxes — which you never seem to have enough of — and then truck everything...