• Review Faeria - A Superb Mix Of Board Game And Card-Battling Action

    Faery good indeed

    There are plenty of card games on the Switch, but Faeria may be the prettiest one of all in terms of sheer presentation. Everything just looks beautiful; the cards themselves are attractive, the UI is slick and very readable, and it all just runs very nice and smoothly, with visual effects enhancing the turn-based action rather...





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    Review The Banner Saga 3

    Journey to the destination

    The final chapter of the Norse-inspired journey comes to a close, with the decision-making - as always - up to you, the player. As told in the previous games, a series of events have built up to the current collapse of the world. The sun has stopped revolving, the gods are dead, the ancient stone-armored Dredge have...

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    Review The Banner Saga 2

    On the road again

    There’s no secret behind what a sequel is meant to do - it’s there to continue and expand upon existing foundations laid by the first entry in a series. The Banner Saga 2 does exactly that. Apart from the tutorials reacquainting you with how the game operates, it doesn't take long for the proceedings to get underway. ...


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    Review The Banner Saga

    Fate is in your hands

    As hinted by the title, The Banner Saga is part one of an epic Viking story where every choice you make directly impacts how your journey unfolds. It combines strategic turn-based combat with gripping text-based decision-making to draw you into a fictional world inspired by Norse mythology and filled with rich lore, as well as...


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    Review Armikrog

    In Space Nobody Can Hear You Point-and-Click

    With the introduction of Telltale's The Walking Dead a few years back, the long dormant adventure genre came back with aplomb. Telltale took a curiosity of yesteryear and brought it back with the necessary accoutrements to make it more palatable for a broad range of modern day gamers. It worked out so...