• Video Are These The Two Worst Games On Nintendo Switch?

    We hope you like lawnmowers

    Boy, if you like lawnmowers, last week was a real doozy. The Switch was blessed with not one but two games based on the act of cutting sweet, sweet grass – Lawnmower Game: Next Generation and Lawnmower Game: Racing – both from those kind folks at Ultimate Games. The first has a "very




  • News Super Tennis Is Coming To Switch, But It's Not The One You Think

    Mistaken identity?

    Super Tennis is unquestionably one of the best simulations of the sport ever created, and, despite the passage of time, it still manages to trump most other tennis games released since. While its crude 2D visuals and Mode 7 effects might look primitive today, it's still a fantastically playable game – which is why we were so...