• Rumour Warner Bros. is Working on Building a LEGO Toys-To-Life Game

    Get those wallets ready

    The toys-to-life idea introduced in Activision’s Skylanders series is a deviously profitable one. The whole business model is built on the idea of selling video games alongside a range of toys that unlock specific content when scanned into the games after using a certain peripheral. So, in essence one must pay a significant...

  • News LEGO The Hobbit DLC Trilogy Expansion No Longer Planned for Release

    To never be continued...

    LEGO The Hobbit was a peculiar release, as unlike a number of its licensed contemporaries it didn't tell the whole story. Released mid-way through the film trilogy's arrival in cinemas, it covered events for the first two movies only, ending with a 'to be continued' message. The understanding was that DLC would be released...




  • News LEGO Batman 2 Launch Trailer is Super

    A true blockbuster

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes arrives today on Wii and 3DS in North America, with Europe only having to wait until the end of this week. The LEGO titles are prolific and consistently similar, but clearly have something going for them with the sheer range of franchises and sequels released. As the name suggests, this is the...