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    Review Hello Neighbor

    Neighbour from hell

    The sinister neighbour has been a cinematic staple for decades, from The Burbs to Disturbia via Arlington Road. It's curious that few video games have made full use of the concept, though. Hello Neighbor looks to buck that trend with a game that leans heavily on the premise, but it falls well short in a number of critical...


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    Review Guts and Glory

    Cunning stunts

    There’s nothing quite like a peaceful bike ride through the local park. The sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. The buzzsaws are whirring. Wait? Buzzsaws?! Oh dear, you’ve just been decapitated and delimbed by a series of deadly blades bouncing down a hill. Maybe not so peaceful, then… This is the world of Guts...


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    Review Punch Club

    Super punched out

    The idea of a fighting game in which you don't actually do any fighting might sound like an odd one, but that's precisely what you'll find in Punch Club. This is a conversion of a casual management simulator that started out life on PC and mobile before making its way to 3DS and other consoles last year. There have been no radical...

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    Review Garage

    Marriage or mirage?

    Deadbeat drug dealer Butch wakes up in the trunk of a car and climbs out into a top-down urban hellscape. It’s up to him, with the help of his mysterious handler ‘Anaconda’, to battle through the Garage, an underground mall formerly owned by shady corporation Smith Investments. Cue horrific encounters with mutated vermin,...


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    Review Clustertruck

    Get the truck outta here!

    The Matrix: Reloaded will forever live in the shadow of its predecessor, but it did give us a few unforgettable moments, namely Morpheus fighting an Agent on top of a truck while trying to rescue The Keymaker. Imagine thus a video game where you are Morpheus; you can still do all those fancy gravity-defying jumps but there...


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    Review The Final Station

    All aboard the apocalypse train!

    Do My Best's very first game is now boarding on Nintendo Switch with The Final Station. From afar it might look like a mere curious train simulator/zombie shooter hybrid presented in a retro pixelated wrapper. However, once you board this train you will quickly realise you are quite unable to stop this journey...


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    Review Phantom Trigger

    Hack, slash, repeat...

    Phantom Trigger is a self-described “neon slasher” featuring RPG and roguelike elements developed by two-man squad, Bread Team. Combining some rather tough gameplay with an intriguing storyline, it sees you make your way through various monster-ridden, dungeon-like worlds, whilst also attempting to make sense of what is...


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    Review Mr. Shifty


    There's a brief message at the bottom of every game page on the Switch eShop. In short, it's a disclaimer that is designed to protect Nintendo and other developers from liability in the event that players suffer from a seizure caused by gameplay. You've probably seen the message, and you've probably ignored it. You probably also haven't...


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    Review Punch Club

    ​Get up, you son-of-a... 'cos Shiggy loves ya

    Ever wonder what it's like to be a fighter? If you'd like to experience the life, Punch Club thinks it's the game for you. Let's find out if this fighting strategy/simulation is worth lacing up the gloves for. Your life in Punch Club starts out with a brief cutscene showing your father, who was...


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    Review Lovely Planet


    Lovely Planet is a cutely packaged title that conceals a surprising amount of technical gravity. It's like opening a Hello Kitty backpack and finding nuclear launch codes within. Bright colours, an upbeat soundtrack and a very minimalist, very Japanese art direction make it easy to link Lovely Planet with other quirky titles such as...