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    Review Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

    Does Guitar Hero: Aerosmith live up to the standards set by other Guitar Hero games?

    After the huge amount of attention Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock received after its launch, it’s definitely no surprise that there was going to be a Guitar Hero IV. The most recent installment in the popular Guitar Hero series will not only utilize a guitar, but a microphone and drums as well. Since the game..


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    Review Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    What an odd craze that swept the gaming world...

    Guitar Hero has led the way for music games into the mainstream and has shown there's more to this genre than Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania. Harmonix, previously working with RedOctane and Activision, developed Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2 oblivious to the incredible amount of popularity the game would receive. Guitar Hero II for both the..