• News Cloudberry Kingdom Will Have Online Leaderboards Soon

    Pwnee Studios is working on a patch

    Cloudberry Kingdom precipitated into the Wii U eShop a few days ago and has seen many a gamer rack up insanely high scores. However, those who did download it have found something missing - the promised online leaderboards are nowhere to be found. A few people got in touch with the developer Pwnee Studios about...


  • News Cloudberry Kingdom Rising on the Wii U eShop on 1st August

    Prepare your beards now

    Update: Pwnee Studios has now confirmed to us that Cloudberry Kingdom will arrive in Europe on 1st August, the same as in North America, and will cost €9.99. Original Article: It's now been confirmed that the Kickstarter-funded platformer Cloudberry Kingdom — now being published by Ubisoft — will make its entrance...


  • Hands On Rage Quitting with Cloudberry Kingdom

    Another coin for the swear jar

    What has happened to the days of trial-and-error platformer gaming? Those old NES and Mega Drive titles which saw you repeating the same level over and over in order to finally make it to the far right side of the seemingly ever-scrolling screen? The games which had no boss battles nor real 'enemies' except for...


  • News Cloudberry Kingdom Could Yet Make It To 3DS

    Pwnee Studios is "not giving up on" a 3DS version

    Last week we reported Cloudberry Kingdom will be published by Ubisoft on a large range of platforms including Wii U this Summer. Pwnee Studios, the game's developer, has stated Cloudberry Kingdom will be the toughest platforming game in the Wii U eShop but there will be several difficulty modes to...

  • Talking Point The Blurring Lines of Kickstarter Fundraising Goals

    Pwnee Studios gives its perspective on the publication deal with Ubisoft

    If you go back just a few years, the idea of developers raising funds for non-existent games from the consumer marketplace may have seemed to be a wacky proposition. The thinking may have been along the lines of "ask consumers to pay for a game that isn't even in development...

  • News Ubisoft To Publish Cloudberry Kingdom This Summer

    No set date just yet

    Cloudberry Kingdom was supposed to be released on the Wii U eShop in March but as many eagle-eyed gamers may have noticed, it didn't make it. Fortunately, the game hasn't disappeared from the face of the earth, it's just been pushed back and it now has a new publisher some people may have heard of. Yes, Ubisoft will be...


  • News Pwnee Studios: Nintendo Has Been Great To Work With

    Cloudberry Kingdom studio is "pumped" about working with The Big N

    The general feeling from Wii U eShop developers seems to be that Nintendo is a pretty decent company to work with. Cloudberry Kingdom developer Pwnee Studios has reinforced this viewpoint in an interview with Aussie Gamer, where company co-founder TJ Lutz said: Nintendo has been...


  • News Cloudberry Kingdom Leaps To March 2013 Release

    New game also in development at Pwnee

    We reported last month that Wii U eShop title Cloudberry Kingdom wouldn't be available for download in the Wii U's launch month in Europe and North America. Developer Pwnee Studios has confirmed that the game - apparently set to be the Wii U's most insanely difficult download title - is now set for a March 2013...