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    Review Cate West: The Vanishing Files

    An enjoyable way to make time disappear

    While adventure games are becoming more and more popular over recent years, there has been a new entrance to the arena: the Hidden Object Game. This new breed has inundated the PC with numerous variations on the theme, taking place in fairgrounds, lost temples, mysterious locations and even haunted houses, and...


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    Review Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward

    It does indeed invoke hysteria, but not the good kind.

    Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is the latest treat from Oxygen Games for Wii and in a sense it truly does replicate how a hospital nurse must at times feel; overworked, frustrated and at times more than a little tired. The game begins with the player deciding upon the gender and name of their...


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    Review PDC World Championship Darts 2009

    Bullseye? Perhaps not.

    PDC World Championship Darts 2009 from Oxygen Games brings all the, ahem, "excitement" of darts to the Nintendo DS, offering four different modes of gameplay as well as a local tournament mode. Being a game based on arguably not the most active of sports, and indeed one which is most often associated with an older...


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    Review PDC World Championship Darts 2009

    Does the Wii's latest darts title hit the target or fall flat on its face?

    Another year, another video game adaption of the PDC World Darts Championship from publisher Oxygen Interactive. Although this is only the third entry in the series with the first game releasing in late-2006 and the 2008 sequel receiving average critical acclaim, new...


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    Review CID The Dummy

    Crashed and burned…

    CID The Dummy from Oxygen Games is an action platformer that was released earlier in the year on Sony's PSP. The hero is a crash test dummy, CID, given special powers by inventor "Professor B.M. Werken" to go on a mission to save his apparently very beautiful daughter. From the outset the very idea of the game feels...

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    Review Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles

    A challenging brainteaser or a couple of mindless puzzles?

    If someone had told you a few years ago that a videogame which trained your brain through a series of puzzles and mini games would be one of the biggest sellers on the DS, well, you probably wouldn’t have believed a word of it. However, fast-forward a couple of years and the Brain Training...


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    Review Pirates: The Key of Dreams

    Is this pirate based game worth your pieces of eight or should it walk the plank?

    Pirates: The Key of Dreams was originally meant to be released as one of the launch titles in Europe. For whatever reason, this failed to happen, but two months it has finally come out and perhaps lost some of its thunder. Interestingly it is a prequel to an upcoming...