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    Review The Fall

    More human than human

    When it comes to the allegorical relationship between artificial intelligence and the meaning of life itself, fiction has done a pretty decent job of marrying the two. From Blade Runner and Humans, to Ex Machina and The Matrix, it’s path well worn by many a piece of art. So is there space for a fresh interpretation, and can...


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    Review The Fall Part 2: Unbound

    Surprisingly constrained

    The Fall Part 2: Unbound continues the story of an AI seeking to burst through its technological limitations and evolve, so it's perhaps appropriate that this is a Switch sequel to a game that originally appeared on the Wii U. As in The Fall, you play the part of A.R.I.D, an advanced AI with a skill for manipulating robotic...


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    Review The Fall

    "I get knocked down, but I get up again..."

    The Wii U has had a diverse range of artistically-driven download games ported to its eShop lately, from Another World to Master Reboot to the news that the critically-acclaimed Gone Home will be arriving later this year, and Vancouver-based