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    Review Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

    Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

    Of all the heroes of the DS’ Touch Generations era, Office Create’s Cooking Mama has been one of the most enduring — and prolific. Starting out from her humble beginnings as a short-order chef, using quick WarioWare-style touchscreen minigames to simulate the in-kitchen experience, she’s expanded...


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    3DS eShop

    Review Johnny's Payday Panic

    Minimum wage, maximum fun

    Taking a look at the Cooking and Gardening Mama games, it's obvious that developer Office Create knows how to take menial tasks and turn them into surprisingly engaging video games. Though North America hasn't seen a new title featuring Mama on a Nintendo platform in the past year (the latest release was a little more...


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    Review Cooking Mama

    As I have already stated in my preview the concept for Cooking Mama is utterly fantastic. To think that there are still companies out there that want to be original, that want to make something new and that want make use of Nintendo’s technology is quite heart warming to me.

    Cooking Mama might not be the best game you’ll ever play. In fact – I...