• News Pokémon GO Halloween Event Introduces Gen 3 Ghost Types

    Full Gen 3 roster coming in December

    A few days ago we reported on the Gen 3 monsters revealed in a leak for the upcoming Pokémon GO Halloween event.  Now the official PR is here, we can confirm that a number of Generation III ghost-type Pokémon "originally discovered in the Hoenn region" are coming to the game, including Sableye and...

  • News Pokémon GO Leak Hints At Gen 3 For Upcoming Halloween Event

    Spooky timing

    It would appear that Gen 3 monsters will be unleashed as part of Pokémon GO's upcoming Halloween event. The evidence is two leaks, the first of which is an image found in data files for the game. A piece of artwork - presumably the loading screen art - clearly shows Gen 3 monsters Duskull, Dusknoir, Shuppet, Sableye and Banette...

  • News Niantic CEO on the Near Future of Pokémon GO

    Gen III Pokémon might not be far off

    A little while back, dataminers uncovered information in a new update to Pokémon GO that suggested the impending release of the Hoenn region Pokémon in the game, though nothing has yet come of it. Pokémon GO has continued to evolve and change gradually over time, although it’s been a while since the game...

  • News Pokémon GO AR Photo Contest Launches

    Pokémon SNAP

    Niantic has launched the Pokémon GO AR Photo Contest this week, challenging players to snap "epic AR photos" while trying to catch 'mon. Trainers are asked to capture photos and upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #PokemonGOcontest. Should your image be selected as one of the top 10 picks, you'll win...

  • News The Pokémon GO Halloween Event Is on its Way

    What a Gastly surprise

    Pokémon GO has been pretty good about hosting new events to celebrate the coming of milestone moments throughout the year, often coinciding with holidays to bring special bonuses to the game that entice lapsed players back into the fold. Last year’s Halloween event was quite successful, bringing the game back to the top of...