• Random Car Insurance Firm Pokes Fun At Those Who Pokémon GO Behind The Wheel

    "Don't catch and drive"

    You should never play Pokémon GO when you're behind the wheel of a car - that much is obvious. Just like sending a text or taking a phone call, it's a distraction which dramatically increases the chances of you getting into an accident. Niantic has even gone as far as to include a warning message in the game which pops up...

  • News Buddy Pokémon Confirmed by Niantic for Pokémon GO

    You've got a friend in Meowth

    Earlier this week data miners sifted through the latest Pokémon GO update and discovered code for Buddy Pokémon. That leak was clearly spotted by Niantic, as it's now confirmed that the feature is on the way; it's "just around the corner", so could arrive any time soon. The details are as expected, ultimately -...

  • Rumour Buddy Pokémon Could Be on the Way to Pokémon GO

    Have a companion for your travels

    Pokémon Yellow Version did something a bit different when it came out by allowing players to have their Pikachu out of its Pokéball, faithfully following the player around the overworld if it was in their party. The feature then disappeared and didn't come back until Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver, where it was...